Rediscover the power of reading and love

If I had one simple message for you, from writing this blog, it's this: TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF & RECONNECT WITH WHO YOU ARE. There's one simple way to do this, and that's by reading. Nothing beats reading. It doesn't matter what you read - fiction, non-fiction, articles, the news, lifestyle blogs, magazines, newspapers, whatever … Continue reading Rediscover the power of reading and love


Night terrors in Winterland

I hate the night. I am scared of it. Night brings the terrors to me and feelings of utter failure. I am daylight person with the nuances in between. I thrive at dusk, love dawn, feel sunny at midday, but when I am faced with the black outside I feel failure gripping me by the … Continue reading Night terrors in Winterland

Home Sweet Home – my beloved Edinburgh

There is nothing boasty or braggy about this statement, but I love my adopted home. Edinburgh, Scotland is where I feel safe. It's where I come home to from my travels. My relationship with this city is strange, surreal and as soft and calming as a great big fluffy blanket. I first came here with … Continue reading Home Sweet Home – my beloved Edinburgh