Fonts, ink, paper & love

My love affair with books has been life-long and beautiful. Books – all manner of them – offer me a safe, non-judgemental haven where I can inhabit other worlds, away from the noise and judgement of this life. In books I feel comforted, safe and protected. Handling a book, opening a book gives me such … Continue reading Fonts, ink, paper & love


In search of Charlie and Maggie Mack

I am always looking for new places to write. I'm happy to be a nomad or a butterfly and explore and adore new places. I went to Glasgow, cos I love Glasgow. It's arty, bohemian, real, down-to-earth, charming and more, with exquisite architecture, all courtesy of the very formidable Charlie and Maggie Mack! Bear with … Continue reading In search of Charlie and Maggie Mack

On Holy Island with Roman Polanski

  I'm off to Lindisfarne or as most people know it, Holy Island, in Northumberland to act out my own version of Cul-de-Sac, the dark comedy by film great Roman Polanski. Holy Island is around an hour and forty minutes' drive south of Edinburgh, along the beautiful North Sea coast past Berwick-upon-Tweed, through the Scottish border … Continue reading On Holy Island with Roman Polanski

Brexit is undemocratic, built on lies

  First up, let's get one thing straight, as if you haven't already guessed it; I hate Brexit. I hated the idea of a referendum on the UK's membership of the EU. I hated what David Cameron stood for, as a politician, and I hate what the Tory party stands for. I voted Remain in … Continue reading Brexit is undemocratic, built on lies