Dumb, dumb, smart, smart, dumb…….

This is the dance of life, the message given in this brave new world of author-entrepreneurship. Now you have to be an authorpreneur - that hideous buzzword that implies that because the Internet (capital 'I') has destroyed the creative world, authors, creatives have to - and I mean HAVE TO promote themselves and be at … Continue reading Dumb, dumb, smart, smart, dumb…….


Bleach zap the (self) publishing vultures

If you've devoted your life to writing stories, novels that provide the pure escapism we all need to function in this increasingly chaotic world, then you're a very, very special person. But you're also a person who's vulnerable and easy prey; this makes you extra special in so many ways. Your vulnerability allows you to … Continue reading Bleach zap the (self) publishing vultures

My creativity will cost you!

Girls are always having to justify their existence. From the moment we are born we’re told to ‘shut up’. Being told to ‘shut up’ constantly goes through to your being and becomes part of the fabric of your life. In the fifth decade of my life I am used to it but that doesn’t mean … Continue reading My creativity will cost you!

The explosion of Ego & stroking a cat

I find life exceptionally hard. Now that’s not a negative statement, just a fact. I align this statement with the explosion of Ego (capital ‘e’). Ms. Ego is everywhere. As an introvert, I find this intolerable. I said to a friend yesterday, I feel the only thing I am now capable of – at my … Continue reading The explosion of Ego & stroking a cat