Rip it up & start again!

New starts are always good, so if anything in your life is getting you down, there is no shame in ripping it up and starting again, even if that's only an emotional reaction to a difficult situation. Let me explain: I guess we're all prisoners of past events, feelings and expectations. Sometimes it's very hard … Continue reading Rip it up & start again!


My safe place, always safe

Is a bookshop or library. The bookshop shown in this picture is Barter Books in Alnwick, Northumberland, one of my favourite bookshops in the world, alongside Shakespeare and Company in Paris. Check on their links, above, but come back to me here. Bookshops and libraries are my safe place. Why? Because within them is an … Continue reading My safe place, always safe

Rediscover the power of reading and love

If I had one simple message for you, from writing this blog, it's this: TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF & RECONNECT WITH WHO YOU ARE. There's one simple way to do this, and that's by reading. Nothing beats reading. It doesn't matter what you read - fiction, non-fiction, articles, the news, lifestyle blogs, magazines, newspapers, whatever … Continue reading Rediscover the power of reading and love

10,000 and counting

Yes, I did it today. 10,000 words of writing. And I wasn't doing a 'Shining' where Jack Nicholson writes the same sentence over and over again at that creepy snow resort in the film The Shining.  I was so scared when I started this morning, but then it all just started to flow, and all … Continue reading 10,000 and counting