Marseille, je ne t’aime plus

Graffiti in the Panier district of Vieux Port, Marseille France is suffering. The 'Gilets Jaunes' movement, the riots in Paris and around the country prove this. France's allure - as seen from across the Channel and from an airplane window - will always be there, but the reality is so different. My 'foreign observer' view … Continue reading Marseille, je ne t’aime plus


Hats, dogs, Tangier-arama & life in the black-and-white

I am coming to the end of my month-long travel stint. It's been a wild and interesting adventure: Edinburgh to Almeria, Almeria to San Jose, San Jose to Roquetas de Mar, Roquetas de Mar to Granada, Granada to Malaga, Malaga to Marseille, Marseille to Aix-en-Provence, Aix-en-Provence back to Marseille again. I saw the greasy, grimy … Continue reading Hats, dogs, Tangier-arama & life in the black-and-white