Warm, warm, warmth

The thought of today is on the warmth (or lack of warmth) of the human spirit. I have written about this before, but today - on Wednesday 12th December 2018), I am thinking about this again. It's winter in Scotland. In Edinburgh, the capital, the day finishes at 4pm, and then it's dark for another … Continue reading Warm, warm, warmth


Pencil point – blank page – take me

Let's start again. Let's get back to basics. Let's take a blank piece of paper and a lovely soft pencil. Make it any colour you like - I love purple - and let's get going with the life-changing decision-making process that's so hard for all of us.  When difficult decisions scramble the brain and everything … Continue reading Pencil point – blank page – take me

My wonderful life, an ode to Freya

I am in Granada, staying close to the Alhambra in the Realjo district just down the hill from that magnificent Moorish castle, and I don't want to go home. I want to be on the road forever, with every day a mystery of joy, new languages to discover, new scents and sights. It's ecstasy all … Continue reading My wonderful life, an ode to Freya

The Earth is crying

I don't understand human nature and this is my business as a writer - to understand human nature. How can a man massacre people in a mass shooting at a place of worship - a synagogue - in the US? How can an individual send pipe bombs to those who hold different political beliefs to … Continue reading The Earth is crying