Is the only thing that matters. It's the thing that connects us all. Love, in its many forms, is the multi-coloured wool that binds everything into the great tapestry that is life. Today, on the 15th February 2019, I am returning from spending a few days fanning this flame: love. I have been caring for … Continue reading Love


Rediscover the power of reading and love

If I had one simple message for you, from writing this blog, it's this: TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF & RECONNECT WITH WHO YOU ARE. There's one simple way to do this, and that's by reading. Nothing beats reading. It doesn't matter what you read - fiction, non-fiction, articles, the news, lifestyle blogs, magazines, newspapers, whatever … Continue reading Rediscover the power of reading and love

Living your true life

This needs deep meditation from an early age. And we're not taught to do this are we. We're indoctrinated to react - to emotions, to situations, to events, to people, to inner obstacles, to the way we were brought up, to past hurts and future desires. But the key to living your true life is … Continue reading Living your true life

People are the best (and the worst)

This is a big end-of-year shout out to my friends; the ones who sail with me through life. In the title, I put in brackets (and the worst) but I am not going to focus on the darkness of human nature in this blog post, because my friends possess none of this darkness; they are … Continue reading People are the best (and the worst)