Smell, touch, taste, listen, feel, live

My rule for myself now is simple; for every piece of bullshittery I encounter along life's road, every time someone tries to take a piece of my soul, I counteract it with living a beautiful experience that involves a smell, touch, taste, listen, feel, live moment. I've been packing in this sensory living, and it's … Continue reading Smell, touch, taste, listen, feel, live


We’re all so complicated

I'm in Spain, in the south, in an area I love. I am writing and walking and talking Spanish to local people in worker's bars and cafes. But, and there is a huge but  - I feel every minute of every day this wash of emotion come over like a tsunami.  This is my selfie … Continue reading We’re all so complicated

Wild skies & the long camino

It's stormy in southern Spain. Violent downpours are blighting the country. Is this climate change or normal for this time of year, or both? The winds are fierce and the sun is nowhere to be seen, but the temperature is warm, delicious actually. I'm pictured here in the distance walking a lovely camino through desolate … Continue reading Wild skies & the long camino