Give lots, take nothing

I am talking existentially here, but really - do you want to be that person you takes everything and gives nothing? You don't, right? I know you don't. Giving lots means giving of yourself in warmth, energy and time. It doesn't mean opening your wallet and giving financially, unless that's what you want to do, … Continue reading Give lots, take nothing


People are the best (and the worst)

This is a big end-of-year shout out to my friends; the ones who sail with me through life. In the title, I put in brackets (and the worst) but I am not going to focus on the darkness of human nature in this blog post, because my friends possess none of this darkness; they are … Continue reading People are the best (and the worst)

Kindness and all our vulnerability

The hurricane sweeping my son’s world at the moment is ANGER. And it’s a lesson for all of us. Young people are angry, and because they are angry so am I. In trying to help him, my message is kindness. Be kind. Understand people. Lose your ego. Stop locking horns with people. Why do people … Continue reading Kindness and all our vulnerability