Turrets and inner-city apartment living

I’ve got a serious addiction and it’s not cheap to service. I’m not addicted to shoes, handbags, or expensive make-up (well not much), botox or surgery (don’t believe in that stuff), designer clothes or holidays (not really). I’m addicted to houses. I’m not some slum landlord, or mega-rich property mogul, nor do I own any … Continue reading Turrets and inner-city apartment living


All Fall Down, and down, and down

How do you ever cut out all the distractions of this world, and find the serenity and peace to be able to write? I had this conversation with a friend recently; I was told, in no uncertain terms, that I must simply be stronger and block out the distractions, not let people, things, situations get … Continue reading All Fall Down, and down, and down

Enchanted April, enchanted life

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did, instead of reading the news on my phone and setting myself up for a day of deep politically engaged depression, was to pick up my copy of Elizabeth Von Arnim's beautiful novel The Enchanted April. I lay in bed and read and read, in … Continue reading Enchanted April, enchanted life

Launch, launch, launch & a FREEBIE

It's launch time, or shall I say relaunch time. Over the next few days, I will be planning and orchestrating the launch of one my favourite novels After Rafaela, a novel I wrote back in 2010. After Rafaela is an important story to me. It's about grief and growing older and the innocence of teenage … Continue reading Launch, launch, launch & a FREEBIE