Rip it up & start again!

New starts are always good, so if anything in your life is getting you down, there is no shame in ripping it up and starting again, even if that's only an emotional reaction to a difficult situation. Let me explain: I guess we're all prisoners of past events, feelings and expectations. Sometimes it's very hard … Continue reading Rip it up & start again!


Wild skies & the long camino

It's stormy in southern Spain. Violent downpours are blighting the country. Is this climate change or normal for this time of year, or both? The winds are fierce and the sun is nowhere to be seen, but the temperature is warm, delicious actually. I'm pictured here in the distance walking a lovely camino through desolate … Continue reading Wild skies & the long camino

Getting older, a complete love affair solo

I love getting older, it's a release, a joy, a place I was always meant to inhabit even when I was young. Being young - an adolescent, a young woman, the 20s, the 30s, even the 40s never sat well with me. I baulked under the responsibility of living, of child raising, of career seeking, … Continue reading Getting older, a complete love affair solo

Enchanted April, enchanted life

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did, instead of reading the news on my phone and setting myself up for a day of deep politically engaged depression, was to pick up my copy of Elizabeth Von Arnim's beautiful novel The Enchanted April. I lay in bed and read and read, in … Continue reading Enchanted April, enchanted life