Home Sweet Home – my beloved Edinburgh

There is nothing boasty or braggy about this statement, but I love my adopted home. Edinburgh, Scotland is where I feel safe. It's where I come home to from my travels. My relationship with this city is strange, surreal and as soft and calming as a great big fluffy blanket. I first came here with … Continue reading Home Sweet Home – my beloved Edinburgh


The State of Loud – finding quiet in a chaotic world

I suffer from sensory overload, which means that the over-stimulation of the modern world causes me physical pain and anxiety. I have a strategy for when this over-stimulation happens (regularly) and a map in my mind of places I can go - for free - where I can take a few moments to get myself … Continue reading The State of Loud – finding quiet in a chaotic world

Turrets and inner-city apartment living

I’ve got a serious addiction and it’s not cheap to service. I’m not addicted to shoes, handbags, or expensive make-up (well not much), botox or surgery (don’t believe in that stuff), designer clothes or holidays (not really). I’m addicted to houses. I’m not some slum landlord, or mega-rich property mogul, nor do I own any … Continue reading Turrets and inner-city apartment living

Oh Scotland, Jamaica!

I'm digging deep this week, going back two-to-three hundred years to take a look at Scotland and Edinburgh's proud (and not so proud) history, and the stories that are emerging are proof of the steely determination of Scotland's ancestors in fighting for a better way. Given that I'm an immigrant into this lovely land, and … Continue reading Oh Scotland, Jamaica!