Living your true life

This needs deep meditation from an early age. And we're not taught to do this are we. We're indoctrinated to react - to emotions, to situations, to events, to people, to inner obstacles, to the way we were brought up, to past hurts and future desires. But the key to living your true life is … Continue reading Living your true life


Pencil point – blank page – take me

Let's start again. Let's get back to basics. Let's take a blank piece of paper and a lovely soft pencil. Make it any colour you like - I love purple - and let's get going with the life-changing decision-making process that's so hard for all of us.  When difficult decisions scramble the brain and everything … Continue reading Pencil point – blank page – take me

We’re all so complicated

I'm in Spain, in the south, in an area I love. I am writing and walking and talking Spanish to local people in worker's bars and cafes. But, and there is a huge but  - I feel every minute of every day this wash of emotion come over like a tsunami.  This is my selfie … Continue reading We’re all so complicated