My wonderful life, an ode to Freya

I am in Granada, staying close to the Alhambra in the Realjo district just down the hill from that magnificent Moorish castle, and I don't want to go home. I want to be on the road forever, with every day a mystery of joy, new languages to discover, new scents and sights. It's ecstasy all … Continue reading My wonderful life, an ode to Freya


The Alhambra of 19th century US travel writer Washington Irving

Washington Irving, US travel writer and dignitary of the early 19th century spent time living at the Alhambra Palace in Granada - where I am now - for a period, as the invited guest of the mayor of Granada of the time.  He had ridden from Sevilla to Granada, Spain on a donkey, along with … Continue reading The Alhambra of 19th century US travel writer Washington Irving

The Earth is crying

I don't understand human nature and this is my business as a writer - to understand human nature. How can a man massacre people in a mass shooting at a place of worship - a synagogue - in the US? How can an individual send pipe bombs to those who hold different political beliefs to … Continue reading The Earth is crying

We’re all so complicated

I'm in Spain, in the south, in an area I love. I am writing and walking and talking Spanish to local people in worker's bars and cafes. But, and there is a huge but  - I feel every minute of every day this wash of emotion come over like a tsunami.  This is my selfie … Continue reading We’re all so complicated