Night terrors in Winterland

I hate the night. I am scared of it. Night brings the terrors to me and feelings of utter failure. I am daylight person with the nuances in between. I thrive at dusk, love dawn, feel sunny at midday, but when I am faced with the black outside I feel failure gripping me by the … Continue reading Night terrors in Winterland


We All Fall Down

I can't stop telling stories. I have so many cooking. OK, so I feel like a bit of wannabe celebrity chef, with too many dishes on the stove, but hey - that's what happens when you have stories coming at a such a rate. This is the thing, it's all I really know how to … Continue reading We All Fall Down

Living your true life

This needs deep meditation from an early age. And we're not taught to do this are we. We're indoctrinated to react - to emotions, to situations, to events, to people, to inner obstacles, to the way we were brought up, to past hurts and future desires. But the key to living your true life is … Continue reading Living your true life

Wo(man). (Wo)Man. (NIL)

Men can wear dresses, women can wear dresses, men can take hormones, grow tits, laser the hair off their faces, wear high heels, try and talk in an affected way, but they are NOT - and never will be - women.  I had this conversation with a male friend. I said to him: 'What does being a man mean to you, if you had to sum it up in a sentence? He hesitated before he replied. Then he said: 'I'll have … Continue reading Wo(man). (Wo)Man. (NIL)