Night terrors in Winterland

I hate the night. I am scared of it. Night brings the terrors to me and feelings of utter failure. I am daylight person with the nuances in between. I thrive at dusk, love dawn, feel sunny at midday, but when I am faced with the black outside I feel failure gripping me by the … Continue reading Night terrors in Winterland


We All Fall Down

I can't stop telling stories. I have so many cooking. OK, so I feel like a bit of wannabe celebrity chef, with too many dishes on the stove, but hey - that's what happens when you have stories coming at a such a rate. This is the thing, it's all I really know how to … Continue reading We All Fall Down

The Earth is crying

I don't understand human nature and this is my business as a writer - to understand human nature. How can a man massacre people in a mass shooting at a place of worship - a synagogue - in the US? How can an individual send pipe bombs to those who hold different political beliefs to … Continue reading The Earth is crying

Wild skies & the long camino

It's stormy in southern Spain. Violent downpours are blighting the country. Is this climate change or normal for this time of year, or both? The winds are fierce and the sun is nowhere to be seen, but the temperature is warm, delicious actually. I'm pictured here in the distance walking a lovely camino through desolate … Continue reading Wild skies & the long camino