The Earth is crying

I don't understand human nature and this is my business as a writer - to understand human nature. How can a man massacre people in a mass shooting at a place of worship - a synagogue - in the US? How can an individual send pipe bombs to those who hold different political beliefs to … Continue reading The Earth is crying


Wild skies & the long camino

It's stormy in southern Spain. Violent downpours are blighting the country. Is this climate change or normal for this time of year, or both? The winds are fierce and the sun is nowhere to be seen, but the temperature is warm, delicious actually. I'm pictured here in the distance walking a lovely camino through desolate … Continue reading Wild skies & the long camino

10,000 and counting

Yes, I did it today. 10,000 words of writing. And I wasn't doing a 'Shining' where Jack Nicholson writes the same sentence over and over again at that creepy snow resort in the film The Shining.  I was so scared when I started this morning, but then it all just started to flow, and all … Continue reading 10,000 and counting

The terror of writing; confessions of a coward in Sevilla

Writing produces in me this fear so profound, that I become the Master Procrastinator, and end up hating myself. Is this normal? Here I am in Sevilla, southern Spain, the 'frying pan' of Europe, or so it is called. It's August 2018, and I am free, free of responsibilities. I am an empty-nester, adult children … Continue reading The terror of writing; confessions of a coward in Sevilla