Wo(man). (Wo)Man. (NIL)

Men can wear dresses, women can wear dresses, men can take hormones, grow tits, laser the hair off their faces, wear high heels, try and talk in an affected way, but they are NOT - and never will be - women.  I had this conversation with a male friend. I said to him: 'What does being a man mean to you, if you had to sum it up in a sentence? He hesitated before he replied. Then he said: 'I'll have … Continue reading Wo(man). (Wo)Man. (NIL)


People are the best (and the worst)

This is a big end-of-year shout out to my friends; the ones who sail with me through life. In the title, I put in brackets (and the worst) but I am not going to focus on the darkness of human nature in this blog post, because my friends possess none of this darkness; they are … Continue reading People are the best (and the worst)

Warm, warm, warmth

The thought of today is on the warmth (or lack of warmth) of the human spirit. I have written about this before, but today - on Wednesday 12th December 2018), I am thinking about this again. It's winter in Scotland. In Edinburgh, the capital, the day finishes at 4pm, and then it's dark for another … Continue reading Warm, warm, warmth

Marseille, je ne t’aime plus

Graffiti in the Panier district of Vieux Port, Marseille France is suffering. The 'Gilets Jaunes' movement, the riots in Paris and around the country prove this. France's allure - as seen from across the Channel and from an airplane window - will always be there, but the reality is so different. My 'foreign observer' view … Continue reading Marseille, je ne t’aime plus