Rip it up & start again!

New starts are always good, so if anything in your life is getting you down, there is no shame in ripping it up and starting again, even if that's only an emotional reaction to a difficult situation. Let me explain: I guess we're all prisoners of past events, feelings and expectations. Sometimes it's very hard … Continue reading Rip it up & start again!


Living your true life

This needs deep meditation from an early age. And we're not taught to do this are we. We're indoctrinated to react - to emotions, to situations, to events, to people, to inner obstacles, to the way we were brought up, to past hurts and future desires. But the key to living your true life is … Continue reading Living your true life

Walking the Catalan Camino to Tamarit

A couple of days ago, I walked from Tarragona or Tarraco near the Costa Daurada  in Catalunya (Catalonia) to the old Romanesque fort at Tamarit. It was a walk of about 12km from my hotel in Tarragona down to the platja (beach), and up through the pine forests that hug the Mediterranean. As I walked I was … Continue reading Walking the Catalan Camino to Tamarit

A private diary that’s not private

There is so much I want to say about being a writer. The industry - by that I mean the world of publishing, whether that is self or traditional and every last little associated add-on branch of the industry (prizes, competitions, writing retreats, literary agents, the BBC Writers' Room website, writing opportunities, fellow authors, Mark … Continue reading A private diary that’s not private