Walking the Catalan Camino to Tamarit

A couple of days ago, I walked from Tarragona or Tarraco near the Costa Daurada  in Catalunya (Catalonia) to the old Romanesque fort at Tamarit. It was a walk of about 12km from my hotel in Tarragona down to the platja (beach), and up through the pine forests that hug the Mediterranean. As I walked I was … Continue reading Walking the Catalan Camino to Tamarit


A private diary that’s not private

There is so much I want to say about being a writer. The industry - by that I mean the world of publishing, whether that is self or traditional and every last little associated add-on branch of the industry (prizes, competitions, writing retreats, literary agents, the BBC Writers' Room website, writing opportunities, fellow authors, Mark … Continue reading A private diary that’s not private

Press down, give up, breathe

Dear Life, today you're pressing down on me. All I want to do is sit quietly in my flat and stare. There you are pressing down on me, on my heart. I have thoughts of giving up, of finally admitting that I don't have what it takes to be a player in this world. I … Continue reading Press down, give up, breathe