Rip it up & start again!

New starts are always good, so if anything in your life is getting you down, there is no shame in ripping it up and starting again, even if that’s only an emotional reaction to a difficult situation.

Let me explain: I guess we’re all prisoners of past events, feelings and expectations. Sometimes it’s very hard to see ourselves doing something new, because we have created a persona for ourselves. We are such-and-such, we do such-and-such, we act in such-and-such way.

This is where the fun starts. What would you say to trying something new? If you have never danced before, try a dance class and see how it opens your mind. If you’ve always wanted to open a business but have never had the guts to do it, start thinking about your ideas and really embracing the chance to step out of yourself.

I am doing this at the moment. It’s scary, but necessary. Think of your life as that old coat that you wear every day, day-in, day-out. Sometimes it’s fun to try on a new coat and get a new look. It helps change your mindset.

Talking of dancing, I have recently started two new dance classes; I do ballet on a Friday and Burlesque on a Tuesday, and my two weekly classes are my sanctuary. During these classes I enter another world, and when I come out of them I am a happier person. Try it and see. It works.

Love Jo xx

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