Rediscover the power of reading and love

If I had one simple message for you, from writing this blog, it’s this: TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF & RECONNECT WITH WHO YOU ARE.

There’s one simple way to do this, and that’s by reading. Nothing beats reading. It doesn’t matter what you read – fiction, non-fiction, articles, the news, lifestyle blogs, magazines, newspapers, whatever – reach out and pick up something that really inspires you, sit or lie down and take 15 minutes for yourself – just for you – to go into that world and forget all about your cares and troubles. It’s magic, it really is.

The photo accompanying this blog shows what I am reading at the moment; Dostoevski’s The Karamazov Brothers. I’m loving it. It’s taking me away to 19th century Russia with its darkness and light and strange customs and norms. For a half an hour of an evening I forget myself and then I reconnect with myself, and find that love for myself again. Self-appreciation often gets shoved out of the way as we work, look after others, think about others, and think about the chores and grind of life. We need to remember that we matter; our hopes, dreams, lives matter.

Reading does that to you. It takes you away, then plants you firmly back with yourself in a state of love for yourself, soothed and calmed and comforted. I hope you agree.

If you’re not a reader, there are millions of amazing podcasts to listen to, offering more ways to reconnect with yourself, with love.

On the subject of reading, I want you in my life. If you like reading my blog, please join my mailing list, by clicking here.

I’ve written seven novels, three historical novels, one contemporary and two romances, and you can buy/read them on Amazon. Search for me under Jo Chumas, and you’ll find my work. I can sell you my work directly too, signed by me, and posted to you with gratitude. I have paperback versions of all my novels and would be delighted to sell you copies. Get in touch.

Authors need readers, and we can take you away to places unknown, times gone by and situations never encountered before. For the price of a cup of coffee and a croissant, you can take time for yourself and reconnect with your own inner world, in these crazy whirlwind times.

Love Jo x


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