We All Fall Down

I can’t stop telling stories. I have so many cooking. OK, so I feel like a bit of wannabe celebrity chef, with too many dishes on the stove, but hey – that’s what happens when you have stories coming at a such a rate. This is the thing, it’s all I really know how to do. OK, so I am good at some things, but have so little interest in those ‘some things’; everything comes back to reading and writing.

Someone said once ‘there are only seven stories’. I would say there is only one story, and it’s been repeated throughout time in a million different formats. It’s the story of man or woman versus adversity; that’s it. Within that framework there are zillion little nuances.

Woman/man versus adversity means only one thing; that humans – us all – are always vulnerable to attack, and that we must struggle to survive. No struggle, no life lived. No adversity, no life lived, that we all fall down – repeatedly and often, and so it goes on.

My current work-in-progress – my murder mystery novel All Fall Down – is about a family group and within it friends whose lives are falling apart. They are all architects of their own dysfunction and their own spiritual and physical demise. I’d like to say they are all evil personified, dangerous and aloof. A young girl’s disappearance, a suspected murder, a case that has gone cold, clues that reappear after many years, three former friends who hate each other, a long-running family feud, an old Italian mansion and layers and layers of secrets and lies, nothing will ever be right on the shores of Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy.

Along comes my character Ellis Yannick – a late 30s London solicitor turned detective – who has been shoved into this mix by his late friend Luisa Green, the matriarch of the group.

Being forced to solve this age-old mystery is the last thing Ellis Yannick ever wanted. He’s vulnerable, tired and confused by the hall of mirrors he’s been thrust into, but he wants to do the right thing by his friend. But nothing is ever simple, nothing is ever clear or true. Lies swirl around him like a Dickensian fog.

Ellis knows that no one is his friend, and that every last ounce of his being will be tested with this – his first case, pushing him to the very edge of endurance.

Writing this novel is exquisite fun. It’s bloody hard but I love complex plots and twists and turns within a plot line.

If you want to be kept up to date with the release date for All Fall Down – Ellis Yannick’s first case – then please sign up to my email list by clicking here. Thank you and send me your thoughts and comments. Sending love, Jo


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