Give lots, take nothing

I am talking existentially here, but really – do you want to be that person you takes everything and gives nothing? You don’t, right? I know you don’t. Giving lots means giving of yourself in warmth, energy and time. It doesn’t mean opening your wallet and giving financially, unless that’s what you want to do, and are able. Giving lots means paying a compliment to someone – hey you look great – or making that phone call – hey how are you? or sending that email – hey, was just thinking about you – or sending that card – hey I miss you………it’s time spent, thoughtfulness, care.

Taking nothing means NOT being an emotional viper. It means giving people the space to be who they are. It means adding to their lives, not detracting from their lives. It means sparing them your bullshit, your over-emotionality, your neediness, your roller-coaster life. It means recognising that SMALL TALK and CHATTING are balms for the soul and that there is a place and a time for HEAVINESS. It means knowing when NOT to call, knowing when NOT to share via email, via social media, via vicious rumour.

It’s; about knowing when your own over-inflated ego needs perhaps some pricking. We’re all guilty. Yes.

Sending love, Jo xx


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