People are the best (and the worst)

This is a big end-of-year shout out to my friends; the ones who sail with me through life.

In the title, I put in brackets (and the worst) but I am not going to focus on the darkness of human nature in this blog post, because my friends possess none of this darkness; they are the light to my dark, the balm to my ache, the gorgeousness when my life feels like shit. I hope I repay them with equal measures of all things good.

I can mention no second names or identifying factors, nor will I post any photos (I respect their privacy too much), but I just wanted to say this.

Thank you to my dear friend Michael S., who I have known for 14 years. I love you. You are the best type of friend, a total rock, warm, will do anything for me, as I will for you. You make me laugh, bleach away my inner torment and stop me from overthinking things. We have such good chats and laughs and we’ll always be friends, even though we disagree on politics and other stuff.

Thank you to my dear friend N.B, who I love so much. You’re a beautiful strong woman, filled with every essence of what I wish I was, serene and wise, intelligent and caring. We’ve been friends now for six years and I love you.

Thank you to my friend P.P. You’re super-smart, wise, warm, caring and very good at pointing out – without pointing out – the flaws in my thinking. I am so grateful. You always uplift me and make me realise how silly I am being about a person, place or situation.

Thank you to my new friend G.F who I have known for three years. You’re such brilliant company. We laugh and throw our sarcasm at the world without it even knowing, and come away from things just that little bit stronger, and able to deal with things.

A huge hug of love goes to my dear friend A.M, who’s such good company. Your well-travelled take on the world fills me with awe. Plus your warmth and support and razor-sharp understanding of things.

There are many, many more and if I listed everyone this blog would be too long.

People are amazing. Hug the important people in your life.


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