Warm, warm, warmth

The thought of today is on the warmth (or lack of warmth) of the human spirit. I have written about this before, but today – on Wednesday 12th December 2018), I am thinking about this again. It’s winter in Scotland. In Edinburgh, the capital, the day finishes at 4pm, and then it’s dark for another 16 hours. Xmas is around the corner. It would have been my beloved dad’s birthday on the 21st December, and his absence is always hard this time of year. 

I have always struggled with why people are cold of spirit. My dad was a warm, caring guy. He gave me warmth of the human spirit in bucketloads. I looked to him, saw how he treated people, saw how he acted, a warm, decent guy who would do anything for anybody, and I knew I wanted to be like that.

It takes nothing to be warm, no effort at all. I am watching more telly than I normally would at the moment, watching the BBC dramas such as Mrs Wilson, watching Channel 4 and as a consequence I am absorbing all the Xmas ads – where big groups of family and friends are celebrating Xmas together – so happy, always so happy. 

I don’t resent them their happiness and know that these advertising ‘families’ are just their for a reason – to sell stuff but it got me thinking about my own life, and how I crave warmth, the warmth of the sun – Andalucian-style – and the warmth of people. 

I have some wonderful friends – all warm people who are generous and good sports and amazingly funny – and I want to send a message of love out to them. Thank you for being warm of spirit. 

Being warm of spirit takes no more effort than having empathy, reaching out to someone to listen, care, and take the time. It involves no money or time really yet for all the friends I have who are warm of spirit, I know an equal amount who are soulless, who have no warmth of spirit and whose presence casts a black shadow over my life. 

This lack of warmth goes something likes this: it’s ignoring my emails, refusing to speak on the phone, pushing away, using passive aggressive techniques that cast the blame for their lack of warmth back on me. And so it goes on. 

Lack of a warmth of spirit really shows in someone’s meanness, their stinginess, their inability to smile, be nice, or even bother to connect. I am sending darts out now to those people I know, in all corners of the globe. I wish you a Merry Xmas because it must be hard being so shut-down and mean. I hope you find peace, really I do. 

I am a happy soul with oceans of warmness of spirit. I feel sorry for people who have none. 


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