Pencil point – blank page – take me


Let’s start again. Let’s get back to basics. Let’s take a blank piece of paper and a lovely soft pencil. Make it any colour you like – I love purple – and let’s get going with the life-changing decision-making process that’s so hard for all of us. 

When difficult decisions scramble the brain and everything seems like shit, it’s time to throw away all the old ideas, screw up the paper, ditch it in the bin, sharpen the pencil and go back to the nub of things. 

This is what creativity is all about. Creativity is about abandoning ideas that don’t work anymore and throwing new ideas down on the page. Anyone can be creative. Creativity isn’t about art or writing or science or drawing or architecture or poetry, it’s about living the life you want, in the way that you want, and ignoring all the rules that society has imposed on you. It’s about living authentically, having a heart, living true to the concept of being human, about finding ways – big or small – to be happy or happier. It’s about finding your soul. 

We’re all prisoners of our own preconceptions which date back to childhood. We’re all prisoners of the ‘should’ and the ‘must’. We’re all prisoners of people who want to control us. Enough. 

This is a very short post today. Its message is simple; ditch the old, try the new & never, ever be afraid. 

Sending love. 

Jo xx


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