Smell, touch, taste, listen, feel, live

My rule for myself now is simple; for every piece of bullshittery I encounter along life’s road, every time someone tries to take a piece of my soul, I counteract it with living a beautiful experience that involves a smell, touch, taste, listen, feel, live moment.

I’ve been packing in this sensory living, and it’s the best anti-depressant EVER.

Every single day some poisonous dart is thrown at me. This is not victimhood talking; it’s a fact. This has got to stop. Now. I won’t accept these poisonous darts anymore. I am deflecting, big time, hand up, go away!

These poisonous darts come in the form of stupid, blatantly thick people, ridiculous situations that I haven’t invited into my life but find their way to me anyway, insults, barbs, hurtful words, crazy small-minded idiots who find me and think they’ll just jab at me with their idiocy. They just need to go away and think on their sins.

So I am deflecting! A moving object is hard to hit.

Last night I went to a Flamenco show at Le Chien Andalou in Granada (music to make you weep, the Flamenco singer’s voice like moist droplets from a moon-bright night sky. The Flamenco guitarist’s skill was exemplary, the Flamenco dancer’s passion and soulful anger making her body writhe with memory of past wrongs. This was music and living at its sweetest last night.

Today I went back to the Patio Perfumerie and played with scents, inhaling Oud, and Rose and Vetiver and Frankicense.

I was determined to smell, touch, taste, listen, feel, live because this world is trying to dehumanise us all. Technology has rendered the majority into basket cases. It has created stupid consumers, but I guess that’s the game-plan. 

Later I walked into the hills and let the silence of the Sierra Nevada heal my brain and my soul.

I then drank mint tea at the Teteria Larache and thought about life, living this life and saying NO MORE to the dumb-downed, robotic existence that the majority are forced to live today. Modern life isn’t real anymore.

It’s catastrophically awful, or at least it can be if we don’t fight against this route we’re all going down.

I adore the artisan Flamenco musicians and dancers, I adore the artisan perfumers and designers and creators. I want to smell, touch, taste, listen, feel, live. There is so much depth to this life, so much history, so much adventure, so much to experience and write about, to love and to share. Look deep and you will find, but you have to look beneath the robotic surface of 2018 living. 


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