Spanish flu or so it feels like

I am really ill. I have flu, a fever, weak limbs. Last night in my previous hotel in Granada, where I was for four nights – a horrible dated looking, small room, overpriced and with horrible scratchy brown blankets and no charm whatsoever, and I was projectile vomiting all over the bathroom. The bathroom in my previous hotel was so tiny, I basically coated the whole bathroom with my vomit. I couldn’t aim at the loo. I tried to clean it up but lost interest, so sorry cleaners – but that’s the way it goes. 

I hated that hotel. It was expensive, dated and vile. I found a fantastic deal on my favourite Granada hotel, the Marquis Urban in Plaza de Fortuny, and I booked myself in for four nights. 

I arrived today at 12 noon and they let me have my room, which is simply gorgeous. I have spent the afternoon sweating and being flu-ridden in this devine hotel room. It’s a thing of bliss this hotel. The bed is so soft yet firm, so comfortable, the style of my room has cheered me up. 

In short, I am going to sweat out my Spanish flu in this gorgeous white room, with its huge bed and its fridge and its mezzanine level and brilliantly big bathroom and balcony over the plaza.

I feel drained and very ill. I hope I don’t die. I feel very, very unwell, but writing this is calming me a bit, helping me to concentrate on something else, and my fever has subsided a little bit but I know it will woosh up again later. My head hurts, is screaming and my limbs feel thick and painful and heavy. 

I don’t know how I got sick. Food poisoning or something like that. It’s horrible. I can’t think straight. I am supposed to be writing but in my mind I am writing. I feel delirious. I am not going out tonight, am going to stay in bed and sleep. 

It’s funny, getting very sick helps you reorganise your mind and resort things that are important. It shuffles away all the crap we think about. I don’t think I will vomit tonight. 

That last hotel’s tiny bathroom redecoration was fun. It’s revenge for being crap when there’s no excuse to be crap. It looked OK on the online pictures but was horrible in real life and the staff were unfriendly, whereas here they are very nice and accommodating. I am trying not to care about the US Mid-Terms or Brexit and stupid Theresa May. It’s good to be away from all that crap for a while. 

Keep well. Jo xx


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