The Earth is crying

I don’t understand human nature and this is my business as a writer – to understand human nature.

How can a man massacre people in a mass shooting at a place of worship – a synagogue – in the US?

How can an individual send pipe bombs to those who hold different political beliefs to him, with the view to maiming or killing those same people? How could a man (I don’t want to dignify him with naming him) murder the politician Jo Cox simply because he disagreed with her politics and what she was trying to achieve?

How can people – the human race – consume so much and destroy so much? How can humans exist in this world in the manner we are existing, hating each other because of the colour of our skin, our religions, our beliefs, our family values, our history, our same-humanity? 

It’s impossible for me to understand. There is no excuse under the sun that warrants this type of hate, this type of violence, this type of destruction. 

I will NOT be called a leftie hippy because I believe in LOVE, and LOVE for all wo-man-kind. I will NOT tolerate being dismissed because I don’t understand hate, I don’t understand violence, I don’t understand dislike and division. 

Life is terribly hard and people can and do use others as scapegoats for their own misfortune. I know about all this, but I don’t accept any of it. 

Blood is red and blood keeps us alive and we all live and we all have hearts but HATE is now, in 2018, a propaganda force dished out like muck by people like Trump and Victor Orban, Hungary’s PM and Putin and the hard right Brexiteers who spout that the EU is an evil that we need to cut ourselves from. 

The bigger picture is one of togetherness and humanity. 

According to reports in the press today, we have killed 60 per cent of the planet’s animals. That figure – 60 per cent – is truly shocking. I am grieving today. It hurts. 

I am in Granada, in Andalucia and on the news are constant reports about the torrential rain, the snow, the floods in Malaga and along the coast. 

A woman today told me – if there is a Mediterranean tsunami, the Costas of Spain will be crushed by the force of the tides and millions of people will be killed and displaced. Climate Change is what we are living, but people are too obsessed with their possessions, their hatred, siding with their version of identity politics and thinking they can do nothing. 


We have to stop consuming. We have to stop eating meat. We have to stop wasting. We have to recycle everything. We have to stare at our humanity in the mirror and ask ourselves this question: ‘how different are we to the people we hate’? We are no different. 

My work-in-progress novel is about LOVE. Pure platonic LOVE and its power for good. Think on LOVE if you think on nothing else today.

In friendship, Jo xx


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