Wild skies & the long camino

It’s stormy in southern Spain. Violent downpours are blighting the country. Is this climate change or normal for this time of year, or both? The winds are fierce and the sun is nowhere to be seen, but the temperature is warm, delicious actually.

I’m pictured here in the distance walking a lovely camino through desolate pine trees near the Playa de Genoveses and the Mediterranean, deep in thought about my 10,000 words of today. 

I have to edit my work from yesterday and then write 10,000 more to keep on schedule. This involves some serious click-clacking at the keyboard, just to get this thing down, and make it take some form on digital paper, so it feels real in my mind. 

I am also trying to decide whether to move on to Granada in a few days, but it’s a difficult decision because I get so distracted by this beautiful country and where I am in my basic but lovely hostel room I have no distractions.

I also have to keep my euro-spend down too which is becoming increasingly impossible in Spain. I have spent seven euros today on supermarket food, and then a euro for a coffee which is good. It means I am keeping to my budget. Tonight I will eat a tuna salad, whipped up in my hotel room. 

On the 10,000 theme, I also always try to walk at least 10,000 steps a day for health. My target is actually 16,000 steps and I have an app on my phone which measures my steps, but 10,000 is the minimum. 

Walking along the camino near my little town today gave me my 10,000 steps and now I must write my 10,000 words. Adios and muchos abrazos (hugs). 

Jo xx


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