We make our own path and it’s ours alone

………….but that doesn’t mean we have to be alone. 

The states of being alone and feeling alone ebb and flow like the tides, but if there is one thing that is huge in my life at the moment, for the reasons I shall explain below, is that we are all alone and that our decisions are burdens (or joys) for us to bear – alone but that doesn’t mean we are actually alone.

Oh dear, this sounds very complicated. Forgive me. 

I always feel alone, but that is a state of being I designed for myself from a very early age. My father called me Greta Garbo and he mocked me lovingly for being like her, in her ‘I want to be alone’ state of being.

But I am not alone. I have three very important people in my life, people I would do anything for, absolutely anything. I would go to the ends of the earth for them and give them my last crumb if they were starving, my last tenner if I had nothing and they had nothing. This means I am not alone, but I still feel alone. 

Those three people I care about more than anything are soldiering on, but they feel alone – I know it from the things they say to me, but they are not alone. They have me.


they don’t want to acknowledge that fact, and I suppose it’s important for their sense of self that they find their own way down their own path. 

They are alone in the general sense of the word, because they are carving out their lives for themselves, but in an existential sense they are not alone, they have family support. 

My feeling of aloneness comes from the fact too that I feel I have not much in common with others. I care nothing for the things others in the world care for. This sounds arrogant but it is not meant to be. I don’t care about possessions or ambition or ego or being one-up on another. I care nothing for excessive consumption or ‘stuff’ or shouting the loudest or being the best. I will leave that prickly way of being to others. 

We all make our own paths and our paths change. We’re alone but we’re not alone. 




6 thoughts on “We make our own path and it’s ours alone

  1. I find this post very inspiring. It celebrates hope and positivity, something that my life lacks, it somehow makes me feel a little bit better. Thank you for this.

    Hey, I am Ragazza, don’t hesitate to visit my blog page, if you have time. I would really love to connect with you. Cheers! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ragazza, you have made my day. I am so, so happy to have inspired you and you are so beautiful to have commented and written such nice words. Of course I will look at your blog page and connect. All power to you. And sending friendship. Jo x


      1. Thank you Ragazza. Remember you really are NOT alone. You’re so important – to yourself and your family and your loved ones. Will look forward to reading your blog. Have connected with you there. Jo x


  2. Ragazza, thank you. I have never had much traction with blogging but I do it just to clear my mind a little. It helps. And course when I get a lovely reply or comment like yours it feels so nice that someone appreciates my thoughts. Bless you, x


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