On the warmth of the human spirit

Nothing repulses me more than a coldness of spirit; inexpressive faces, a demeanour turned in on oneself, a dead social ‘coat’ that reeks of inner hatred, a limp handshake, a grey face, shark eyes and a first impression that demands never to be repeated. There’s no excuse for it. 

It’s been my passion  – all my life – to find warm people, people whose faces light up with happiness when they talk, who exude humour and good nature, and vibrancy and LIFE. 

Whenever a meet a person like that I fall instantly in love with them. Man, woman, young, old, it doesn’t matter I become their friend immediately. I crave people like that in my life, and I am lucky to have met a few of these wonderful types, but not many. 

That’s the sad thing, that people who are so bogged down by their own ego and own dark space that they can never ever light up the room, never step outside the own basement-like confines of their own situation and meet another person at face value, as a fellow human on this strange and wonderful planet of ours, never know the true spirit of warm human engagement.

I call these friends of mine – those joyful souls who know how to laugh and who hug and are warm and who really listen, MY JEWELS, because that’s what they are, valuable, glittering and bloody gorgeous. 

I call those strange souls who swim darkly in their own cesspool of low self-esteem THE SHARKS, because that’s exactly what they are, predators who swim around looking for souls to feed off. 

I used to be a journalist and one of the key elements in being a successful journo – apart from being able to write well – was the ability to draw people out of their cages and get them to tell you stuff. I had this skill in buckets, and I still do. It’s a skill I pride myself on. I can talk to anyone and get them to tell me anything. It’s been a key way of analysing human nature since I was very little.

I meet far more SHARKS than I do JEWELS, and that’s sad. Nine people out of ten will be SHARKS, and one will be a JEWEL, but the reality is that these figures are probably not accurate. It should be really be two people out of a thousand will be JEWELS and ninety-eight will be SHARKS. 

Warmth of the human spirit is a truly key emotional and social skill to develop. It’s actually got nothing to do with self-esteem, as plenty of JEWELS I have known haven’t been that confident or ‘out there’. 

I believe it’s all about EGO. JEWELS have their EGO in check, SHARKS never do. Warmth and the ability to project positivity and the genuine caring of others should, must, has to be taught in schools. It’s a skill worth learning and perfecting. 








2 thoughts on “On the warmth of the human spirit

  1. Plenty of sharks in Chang Mai. Staying in same hotel for a month. Thai staff great. Fellow western residents so called digital nomads or just plain sex tourists absolutely cold , and unfriendly. No eye contact. No greetings. It’s like the London Underground in Thailand.

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    1. I know Dave. I’ve seen those types too. I know what you mean. Sevilla where I just was had people smiling and welcoming you everywhere. My Jewels are so important to me. They lift my soul. Keep safe. Jo xx


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