My love letter to David Bowie on May 26th 2016

     One of my childhood heroes was David Bowie. As a small kid I’d gape at him on TV, in awe of his androgyny. I adored him, adored his constant self-reinvention. I was gutted when he died this year, felt personally in pain at his death. When I think of Bowie, I think about art and music and creation and how they celebrate everything that I love and need absolutely to function.
     So in a bit of an ode to Bowie, I’m beyond excited today about working on my new creations, two stories; my young adult novel called ‘Mara’, set in Edinburgh, Scotland, and my short murder mystery novel called ‘The Lake’ set in the Italian Lakes, or ‘All Fall Down’ or another as yet to be developed title.
     Writing to genre is something storytellers struggle with. The need to build a ‘brand’ based on previous story successes and bestsellers is very addictive. There are endless online posts out there extolling the virtues of genre loyalty in order to build fan-bases and project some sort of consistency. That’s all good, but it can become a sort of prison for the mind of a creative.
    My decision to dance the genre two-step has liberated me from creative sadness and despondency. I admit I can be a bit bipolar some days when it comes to my creations; up and down like a rollercoaster, but that’s the life of a creative. That I know.
     This cover of another novella of mine, Honey lemon – not yet published – reminds me of why I do what I do; I write stories because there is always a fresh idea lurking in my mind. Nurturing these stories, then writing them down is like adding a squeeze of lemon to my daily life; it makes life more bearable, a whole lot of fun, and full of joy.
     My motto: squeeze lemon, be happy!



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