And while we’re on the subject of getting older……

I saw this amazing video today about Panchita of Costa Rica who’s 100-years-old give or take, or at least she was when the video was filmed, and she spent her days laughing and loving and befriending every single person who came to her village.

Her smile was warm and infectious, her zest for living absolutely beautiful. I want to be Panchita of Costa Rica. Here she is: –

In order to be her, I need to first cast off the labels I’ve lived with all my life, as the baggage of being a white female, born in England, in the United Kingdom in the 1960s, and please let me state that boys and men suffer similar fates.

I was a little girl (be quiet), I was a young woman (you’ll get married, your husband will calm you down) and so the bullet point list forms: I became;

A nice little girl (who was observing everything)
A girlfriend (who didn’t like boys much at all)
A good student (sometimes, but rarely, who dreamed of being a novelist)
An employee (who longed to be self-employed)
A manager (who didn’t want to be a manger)
A wife (who didn’t want to be a wife)
A mother (who was devoted to being a mother, but exhausted by the intensity of it)
A single parent (who battled on in poverty, but who adored her little boys with a passion for seeing they were protected above all else)


And then as I have gotten older, I have become INVISIBLE.  I became INVISIBLE.

So now, I choose to be:

A rebel (I was always a rebel)
A revolutionary (I always wanted to be a revolutionary)
A feminist (I have always been a feminist)
A pacifist (I have always been a pacifist)
A traveller (now I can travel, more than I have ever travelled before)
A diarist (I have always written a diary)
A diplomat (like my father)
A lawyer (I am studying law)
A grower of olives (I love olives)
A poet (I love poetry)
A photographer (I adore photography)
A documentary film-maker (I’ve always wanted to do this)

And no one can stop me.

Sante to getting older, and stripping away all the labels and BS.

To you and yours. Make a list of all those labels you want to shed, and all those things you want to do and achieve.

Jo x



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