Kindness and all our vulnerability

The hurricane sweeping my son’s world at the moment is ANGER. And it’s a lesson for all of us. Young people are angry, and because they are angry so am I. In trying to help him, my message is kindness. Be kind. Understand people. Lose your ego. Stop locking horns with people.

Why do people look at me like that? He asks. People are not looking at you, I say. People are in their own worlds.

I say to him: think of this. You don’t know what is going on in that person’s life right now. You don’t know how bad they feel, how stressed, how sad, how bitter, how poverty-stricken they are, how despairing. You don’t know, you just don’t know.

Peel away at a person’s outer layer and you’ll find a soul, a person who is hurting, a person who is trying hard, a person who’s past informs their present every single day.

In being kind, you’ll blitz away their vulnerable mask in seconds. It works like magic, this being kind. Try it and find out.

He’s trying. God, he’s trying.

All of us are vulnerable. That’s the essence of this life, vulnerability. There is not person on the planet who isn’t vulnerable. And vulnerability becomes a hard shell as we get older. Young people’s vulnerability becomes a bravado mask.

The knifings and shootings in London is proof of that bravado masking a crying vulnerability.

To be a human is to be vulnerable, but in trying Kindness as a concept, that vulnerability fades away and is replaced by warmth and self-acceptance.

No one is better than you, I tell my son, and you’re no better than anyone. Keep that in mind when you’re getting angry.




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