Launch, launch, launch & a FREEBIE

It’s launch time, or shall I say relaunch time. Over the next few days, I will be planning and orchestrating the launch of one my favourite novels After Rafaela, a novel I wrote back in 2010. After Rafaela is an important story to me. It’s about grief and growing older and the innocence of teenage years, after which nothing really ever feels the same again.

I wrote it at a time when I needed to ask and find the answers to questions. It’s a story about the love I had for my best friend of many years who disappeared from my life as quickly as she entered it. It’s a story about death and loss. It’s a story about the strength of spirit in the face of crushing disappointment. It’s a story about me.

I’m planning the relaunch of my novel across a variety of platforms, using a few different methods of ‘shout outs’. I’m an Independent author and so this is extremely exciting.

I’m also a passionate storyteller and I really want to share this story with the world.

After Rafaela is a mystery, a romance, a coming-of-age novel. It’s about a place that reminds me of my youth – the Northern Italian Lakes and it’s about the pain of growing older.

Now here’s the bit about the FREEBIE. To celebrate the relaunch of After Rafaela, I am giving away another of my novels – The Ripley Affair, written under my romance non-de-plume Miranda Ellis. Click on the word FREE to claim your copy. But please, do me a favour, please review it. I need your reviews, and I thank you for them.

Love Jo x


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