Is the only thing that matters. It's the thing that connects us all. Love, in its many forms, is the multi-coloured wool that binds everything into the great tapestry that is life. Today, on the 15th February 2019, I am returning from spending a few days fanning this flame: love. I have been caring for … Continue reading Love


Adios & ta ta – sending love

See you lovely people later. I am going off-line for a while to concentrate on my writing projects, my health, my sanity, my relationships with my loved-ones and to get back to being real, in the community, in the outdoors, in the spring sunshine, and away from the computer, grounding myself in the scent of … Continue reading Adios & ta ta – sending love

Manners matter, right?

This is something I feel passionately about. It's a simple thing called 'Manners'. Yesterday I saw a prime example of how manners matter. I was shopping at Lidl. I love Lidl, love the German produce and the variety and the price. I was at the till, waiting to be served. I wasn't doing the automated … Continue reading Manners matter, right?

The Hidden Series – wow!

I admit, this is a big push, so if you hate that kind of thing stop reading now, but I hope you'll carry on reading. My historical mystery thriller series The Hidden has been rereleased with new covers by 8dpress in Edinburgh, Scotland. I love the covers, love what 8dpress has done with the series. … Continue reading The Hidden Series – wow!